I have two server in a tree, they where both NetWare 5.1 SP7.
One of the Servers went through the Upgrade no problem, the other one
seems to have gotten the slug bug and contiunues to crawl. Both of these
where in place upgrades.

Here are the steps
- Loaded StartX / Choose Install / Chooes CDROM / Used SP5 Overlay CD for
NW6.5 OES / during the upgrade checklist, it said there was a problem
with the Certificate which I took care of with PKIDIAG / Started the
install process
- Server rebooted and started in the "DOS" mode and installed the default
- When it goes into the Graphical interface after the "DOS" mode install
is when it starts to crawl. If I remember it was about the it got about
25-50% of the way through and I think it was around the NMAS portion when
it started to crawl. Finally about an hour later it finished that
portion and the server rebooted. Started the boot normally then when
starting to load some of the programs (i.e. Zenworks, Backup Exec,
Symantec, etc...)
- Looked up the XNFS failure and said to run PKIDIAG, which I ran again,
I also ran dsrepair to ensure the NDS was clean after the upgrade. This
server was the read/write replica, the Master was the other server that
went through the upgrade with no problem.

Any other thoughts on what could be potentially causing the suddenly
slowness problem? I see the one problem in the logger screen. I'm also
going to try and install HP's Support PAQ drivers to see if there is a
problem with the drivers that could be causing the problem.

Thanks in advance,