Hi. My motherboard died on my NW6.5SP3 server. I moved the disks to a new
computer and only disk 1 is found by netware. (IDEATA, both computers are
Disk 1 is volume SYS and VOL1 (pool data1) and is working just fine.
Disk 2 is volume VOL2 and Pool DATA2. I got an error message trying to
scan for this disk:

prompt: scan for new devices

15/05/2006 21.27.23 : NWPA-3.20-0
NWPA-004: The CDM driver deactivated device [V025-A0-D0:1] WDC
WD1600JB-00GVA0 f/w:08.02D08 due to a device failure.

15/05/2006 21.27.23 : SERVER-5.70-1534 [nmID=B0013]
Device "[V025-A0-D0:1] WDC WD1600JB-00GVA0 f/w:08.02D08" deactivated by
driver due to device failure.

I put in the IDEATA, IDEHD and IDECD drivers from SP5 but same ****.

Any ideas ????