Hello all,

I have recently updated a NW6 server to SP5 and added in the latest TCP

On the Master replica, which is also the DA server, if I run DISPLAY SLP
SERVICES, the master replica server does not show any services.

If I look at my original scoped SLP configuration, I setup a basic

Created a scope list - *SLP-<tree name>
Created a SLP Directory Agent - <tree name>-SLPDA

And configured them appropriately and they were working prior to the

Also, if I type on the DA server it shows loop back and active. If I type
the same command on another server in the tree it also reports active and
the correct IP address.

If I look in Monitor, there is no scope entry on the DA server.

If I look a the scope object in ConsoleOne, it is referring to the SLP
Directory Agent object which I can no longer see in the tree.

Now, if I search the tree for a SLP Directory Agent, it finds the server

I can not exactly delete the server object to rebuild my SLP configuration.

I could restore objects from my backups but I am not sure that is the
correct course of action.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Steve D.