Hi All!

I have a nice Proliant DL380 G4 running NW 6.5 SP5. It is the first 6.5
server in the tree and all other servers are NW 6.0 SP5.

In reviewing the boot process in the logger screen I see the following

UCMGR-316: Serial number synchronization error. Files have been stamped
but the user count key file does not exist. If you have made a backup
copy of your user count key file (<plat>UCMGR.SYS), please restore it to
the database engine directory.

To my knowledge, no such file has ever existed on the server, so we do
not have a backup. I can't find anything about this in the knowledge base.

I checked Console One and my server and user licenses for 650 are there.
Also, everything seems to work although I don't think we've had more than
5 users at the same time on this new machine.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Brian Cook