Q: How can I make sure all JAVA applications and JAVA itself is fully
unloaded before I try to install service pack NW SP5 I got a response
from some one before saying that before you apply SP5 to make JAVA was
unloaded completely

Q: Current server is running NW SP3 CPR release and has 2GB of RAM I
plan to install another 4GB of RAM prior to installing the NW SP5.
Server is a Dell Poweredge 2650 any suggestions before I attempt this?

Q: Are there any other service packs I should implement outside of SP5?

When ever I do a service pack installation it always seems to go awry
so this time. I just want to try to plan it out better, I know the
questions may not be the correct choice of words. but any advice would
be truly appreciated. I will be applying the service pack on this
coming Saturday and will have the weekend to work through any issues
that might occur. Thanks!