Have been running a Netware 5.0 and Netware 6.5 server in same tree
with no problem. We want to take the Netware 5.0 server down
completely, but there are some services running on it that we want to
make sure transfer to newer server running 6.5.

1. Print Services. Believe it or not, we still have the queue based
services running on the NW 5.0 box [We do have the ndps running as
well, managing LPR printers on users workstations]. We never moved
[although should have a long time ago] because everything has been
working for so long. Server has been up for two years with no down
time. What is proper way to move this to the 6.5 server? We will get
rid of all queue based printer but would like for everything to be
transparent to users. Do we need [just for now] to recreate all the
print queues on the new server?

2. In order to remove the older server out of the tree, do we simply
make the master replica reside on the new server and then bring the old
server down or do we need to delete or move some other objects?