Trotted around with this subject back on April 14th and gave up the idea
of getting the onboard 1G NIC to install with NetWare 6 latest overlay
CD. That original box is going through testing and looks likely to be a
happy first OES Linux server for our tree.
Now, we have a new box with the same hardware and making another attempt
to install NetWare 6 (latest overlay CD) and obtained the Pronware
download from Intel to use the direct from Intel drivers said to work for
NetWare. Again having trouble and have only been able to network the new
server with an old NIC added to the system (not 1 Gig, obviously). Go
ahead and make your comments about this not being a server motherboard if
you must, but we will use it as such anyway ;-)

Here is my original post on the 14th of April:
"It would appear there are no LAN drivers for the built-in 10/100 NIC on
this Intel motherboard for NetWare 6. Seems the easiest way out of this
trap would be to disable the onboard NIC in BIOS and add a 3Com NIC to
PCI bus. Does anyone have a better path or have I missed the driver
location? This is a brand new installation of NetWare 6 and it does not
find any network board."

We did find an Intel 1000 driver from the overlay CD and neither that nor
the Pronware from Intel have successfully installed with NetWare 6.

Good Night,