Hello all,

I wanted to ask any of you with experience upgrading NetWare with the
migration utility 8.1 a few questions.

I have an upgrade that is imminent and I will need to move a current
NetWare server (6.0 SP5) to new hardware and I want to upgrade it (6.5
SP5). This server also runs an essential GroupWise POA. I have gathered

as much documentation from Novell as I can find but there are a few
grey areas which I was hoping some of you could answer for me.

I have installed the new hardware into it's own temporary tree and
pointed it to our SLP servers. First problem I am having is getting a
machine to actually see this new tree, is there a step I have missed?

Also when I complete the migration and the new hardware assumes the
identity of the old server at what point does the DS get removed from
the old server? I guess at what point is the point of no return?

I assume when the migration is complete eDirectory will have the
GroupWise objects in it but the new server will not have GroupWise
loaded, do i just need to do an upgrade of Groupwise on the new server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.