I have recently connected a Netware 6.5 SP5 server alongside a netware 5.1
server. The 5.1 is being replaced by a much faster server but we want to
run concurrently for the time being to make sure everything is OK. The new
server is not or is not going to be in the same tree.

Am getting the following errors on the 5.1 server

18.05.2006 5.01:39 IPXRTR -6.60.2
60:1.1495 RIP Router configuration error detected
Node 0016355B20F2 claims network address B4DA0F6D should be F4FA5B84

The next messege is pretty much the same but instead of _RIP router_ I get
SAP router. The same address nodes are used.

I don't think the addresses are MAC addresses probably IPX.

The 0016335.... is the address of the new server

I have called the eDirectory tree the same but will change this tomorrow.

I want to keep the mapping of drive letters the same otherwise I am going
to have to reinstall lots of client PC software etc!!

I think the first thing is to change the tree name to something different.

Does anyone not think it is a good idea to have different version servers
with different eDirectory versions etc. running together using IPX. ?

Any ideas/advice welcome.