BACKGROUND: I'm trying to add a gigabit NIC to an older server (basicly to migrate the data off to another server) and am having issues with INETCFG. I'm sure they are trivial, but after 'googling' for the past couple of hours, I've still not run across a good solution to my problem.

I've shut down the server, added the new NIC card and rebooted the server. My documentation is pretty 'sketchy' as it tells me to type 'LOAD INSTALL' at the server prompt. I get the prompt to use NWCONFIG. That doesn't seem to be what I'm after.

After digging around for a while, I come up with this page, that recommends using INETCFG.

PROBLEM: My driver does not appear, but supposedly I can use the install disk version. After hitting 'insert', it asks me for a path to the driver. I've got a CD with drivers (CD appears to load as a 'volume') and have copied the NWSERVER folder to a floppy disk (that was quite interesting as they are getting a little scarce around our office) and have not had success loading from there. The NWSERVER folder contains two *.NLM files, an *.LAN and a *.LDI file. Is that complete?

QUESTION: I must be getting the syntax wrong to go out and load the driver.
From the Floppy disk, I type "A:\NWSERVER\" and expect the program to go out and find the files in the folder and install the card.

I've tried copying to my 'DATA' volume and have not had success with that either, typing "DATA\VOLUMENAME\location\NWSERVER\" and have still not had success with a few variations of that.

Any ideas?