- Error '(You may be able to look in SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on
the destination and/or source server for more information about this
error.) IsDSGone Xffffffff - NDS error: Insufficient space' occurred
attempting to remove NDS from server 'FSL'.
- An error occurred while restoring NDS to server 'TEMPFSL'. --- Error
caused by a NetWare API error --- Network error: Connection invalid
(Error code: 0X8801 Function Name: NWNCPExtensionRequest)

new server is TEMPFSL, old is FSL
theres no MIGERROR.LOG on Source server, and the destination server is
pretty hosed.. reinstalling netware on it now.

Was able to restore DS to the Source server from sys:system\nuw30\ndsbu
pretty easily.

No idea why this has happened. Co worker is in LA until tomorrow , so
we probalby only have one more stab at it later tonight. Any ideas?

I dont get the "insufficient space" error either as there is 8 gigs
free on FSL\sys