I am planning to migrate a NW 5.1 server on an old Dell 4400 to NW6.5 on
a new Dell 2850. It looks like everything is in place, but I am trying
to get even a rough estimate of how long this will take from the time
the copy starts to the time the new server is ready for users.

The migration PC and both servers have 1G NICs and will all be on the
same 1G switch. The server has about 70G of data.

I was thinking of doing it one evening, but a coworker suggested a
weekend might be needed. Unless the copy is extremely slow or the
trustee transfer steps take incredibly long, a weekend seems extreme. Or
am I assuming smooth sailing where multiple problems are the more likely

Another coworker suggested that I back up the user area, let the
migration tool move just the sys: volume and then restore from backup.
Does that make more sense or less sense?

Thanks, Bob