We have a server that was migrated from old hardware. 4.2 to newer hardware

The new server was then upgraded to 6.5 SP3.

Now we plan to replace the hardware with a new faster server which would
then be 6.5 sp5. The old server will be blown away and re-done as a
different server function.

What would be the easiest and safest path and where can I get the
documentation to do the job correctly?

1. Install 6.5 sp5 on the new hardware with a temporary server name and IP

- join it to the existing tree

- create identical volumes and copy the data from the old to the

- shutdown old server

- rename the temporary new server name to the old server name

- change the IP address of the new server to that of the old.

2. Use the server migration tools to migrate the old to the new hardware.