I just installed a new Nw6.5sp4a server from the overlay CD in my tree. I
already have Nw.6.5 and OES 1 servers in my tree. I choose the options for
installing Apache , VO, dns, dhcp. Everything went fine and the server
start perfectly, I can connect to it.

I can display the default main web page without problem but as soone as I
try to display a page with https (like VO or Remote Manager), I get this
error "Error establishing an encrypted connection to 10.x.x.x. Error
Code: -8052."

I've run pkidiag, sdidiag, dsrepair and no error. I can authenticate with
ldap and ldaps. I checked the knowledge base and the forums and I didn't
find anything regarding this problem.

Anyonw as an Idea. This is a test server I was putting in place to help
troubleshoot another problem I have so I could just remove it and start
again but I would like to know the cause of this because I have installed
many 6.x servers and it is the 1st time I see this one.


Daniel L.