I have never looked for the HOSTS file on my Netware server - don't even
know where it is. Anyone care to enlighten me?

I'm having an issue installing the latest version of Symantec's AV
software. The management workstation could not find my Netware 6.5/SP4
servers until I put HOSTS file entries on the workstation for them, and
once the AV software was installed, the management software does not see
the Netware servers even though they are running the AV software -
Symantec wants me to play with the HOSTS file on each server as well.

Any thoughts on this appreciated, and thanks in advance. Our
environment is 3 Netware 6.5 server, none running IPX, all running IP,
one running BM which I'm hoping to make the main AV server and then make
the other two secondary AV servers.

Again, thanks in advance.