We are running NetWare 6.5 SP4 on all our servers except two. We have
one NetWare 5.1 server and one NetWare 6.0 server. Both the older
version are almost read to be removed from the network. What are the
opinions on SP5. I know there were some problems when they were first
deployed. With all the post SP5 patches, is it a good time to deploy.

We run GroupWise 7. Does the new Support Pack add the GWTSA
functionaility to TSAFS? If so does it work well?

Any other things that I should be aware of. Sorry for all the question
but I have been up to my ears in moving remote sites and haven't kept up
on the forums and have neglected my poor network. Time to get the
network back in shape.

Any comments would be appreciated.


John Jakus