I am looking to upgrade the hardware on two servers. Currently we are running OES Netware 6.5 sp5. I do not expect this to change anytime in the next two years.

Here are my questions.

1. Can OES Netware sp5 support the dual core processor Technology?
2. Can OES Netware sp5 support more than 4 GB of Ram, if so, speculating (I know) two years from now and running OES Linux, what is going to be the preferred amount?
3. Since one of these servers will do Master eDir replica, File and Print, Virtual Office, DNS/DHCP, what is the preferred eDirectory configuration? I mean, should I move eDir Master to another replica?
4. Can I use NIC teaming? I have issue right now with Dell 2650 running at 100% on one NIC at times. We are getting Dell 2850's. It would be nice to put in a NIC that can team if it is possible (and working :)) in OES Netware. We have Cisco core switches.
5. Why can't I find out this information in any readme?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated?

Thank You,