I was in the middle of copying the files to upgrade a server to NW6.5 SP5
Overlay when the server locked up. Rebooted and it now thinks that it is
a NW6.5 Server, but hasn't been properly upgrade yet so it really wont
run. I cannot get StartX to load fully where I can do the install again,
I can't copy the files from NWConfig as DS is not loading and I get
caught in a loop when trying to do that...

HELP PLEASE! If you have any other ideas, I tried to re-install NW 5.1
SP7 which is what it was yesterday and because of eDirectory I cannot do
the install. I would rather not have to rely on my tape drive and do a
clean install. Any switches or tricks that I can try to get it to start
the install process again?!?

Thanks in Advance,