Problem 1: I have been getting regular messages on the server console
about "station xxx timed out while waiting for an oplock ...", mostly
relating to the below-mentioned VFP apps.

Problem 2: With a several custom Visual FoxPro applications, index files
have become corrupted although data files have been fine.

We were running with defaults on the server and client sides both.


Part 1: On the server,

SET LEVEL 2 OPLOCKS ENABLED = OFF (a change today)

Part 2: On all workstations:

File Caching = ON (default)
File Commit = ON (a change today)

So far, so good - I'll post if it stops working but it seems to have
solved problem #1 above, and while problem #2 takes a few weeks to
appear, I hope this fixes that as well.

If my approach seems particularly brain dead, I hope someone will tell
me. TIA.