I'm having pretty significant 'drop' issues when copying files to or from an older server we have of any size (above 10 meg or so). I've changed NIC cards thinking that would be the bottleneck, but there's been absolutely no change in performance no matter which card is active.

I believe I'm up to date on service packs and patches for this machine (I was earlier this year, anyway) so I think it's some kind of configuration issue. Performance has just gradually degraded over the past few months. No changes after migrating to a gigabit switch/card and cat6 cabling (other servers are FLYING, though). I've got the latest drivers for the gigabit card and have moved back to a 100 meg card with no change. I'm estimating that I 'might' be running around 10 megabit.

Hopefully, I'm just missing something stupid, but I'd appreciate any help that can be provided.