Hello All,
I am currently involed in a project to upgrade/migrate a NW5 & NW5.1 tree
to NW6.5 (NW65sp4) and at present there appears to be a CA in the tree
with valid certificates, although I wasn't able to export them (-1423
I was asked to put the CA on another server which will also be the first
server to be an inplace upgrade to NW65.
The question is can I remove the current Certificate Server and all
objects related in tree then do my in-place upgrade and install the CA on
it, or the other question is what would I uninstall/remove/delete to do
this. The TIDs online don't really apply directly to my situation and
before I made my decision on my approach it would be nice to get some
expert help from someone who knows.
The upgrade is planned for this weekend.

Thanks for any info you can share,