Hi everyone....

I just installed a new Netware 6.5 server with SP5. The installation
works very well and i have no problem with my server except to taking
down the server.

When i type Down or Rester Server at the console, the Down procedure
starts and stop with a message in Logger Screen.
There is the message:
HTTPSTK : ListeningThread() on "id address":81 exiting after error.
HTTPSTK : ListeningThread() on "id address":8008 exiting after error.
HTTPSTK : ListeningThread() on "id address":8009 exiting after error.

BTCPCOM-7: A TCP / IP Accept() Error(50) has occured.

ProcessXServerConnectionRequest() Ret:0 Error:0

This screen stay like that between 5 to 10 minutes and after that the
screen became black with the flashnig cursor. And nothing more even if i
wait for some hours.

Anybody have an idea why my server won't to take down?

Thanks in advance....