Hi all,

Does anyone run into issue where you installing service pack 5 on a nw 6.5
server w/sp3 where the server peaks 70-89% cpu utilization during the back
up of the files?

I ran into this issue last night and I ended up rebooted the server while
it was backing up the files before it installs the service pack 5. I could
the files scrolling up in the logger screen while they are being backed up
to backsp2 directory and after 2 hours I did not see any files scroll up
in the logger screen. The server responded very slowly due to cpu maxing
out at 70-89%.

This server does not have any third party application installed, it is
just function as a master replica. It is running on a HP ML370 G1 hardware.
Is there a way to check what nlm is maxed out the cpu and what other thing
that causes this sympton? iManager, tomcat, nrm, http, etc..

Should I choose not to back up the files during the installation of
service pack 5?

Please advice,