We have been upgrading from NW6 sp4 to NW65sp4a. We've done 16 of our 19
production servers, working around glitches as they've happened.

Comes time to work on our OES Linux plans in our lab setup, reports of LDAP
problems. Our lab is a mirror of our production. Verified LDAP problems in
production as well.

Running SDIDIAG - error 601 logging in and error 603.

Have perused TIDs:
10066259 - How to test LDAP over SSL - really did not see where the test
part is.
10097446 - LDAP not working - our version matches what it should be.
10090732 - iManager Troubleshooting - PKIDIAG reports 0 errors, but step 6
does not run.
10081103 - Web Services not working because of LDAP issues - back to the
version, ours is correct.
10082626 - older TID
10088679 - older TID

Really wish there was a straightforward document on how to:
1. Fix a broken system by doing certain tests to determine where the
problem(s) is/are
2. A walk through of a way to completely blow away and fix all CA / PKI /
SDI / LDAP issues.

Any help is appreciated.