Tried upgrading NSBS 6 to NSBS 6.6. All seemed ok till I decided stop the
install when I was asked for the Groupwise 654 CDrom. Groupwise 656 was
already running on our server. I thougt only this part of the install
would be skipped but the whole install procedure stopped.
The startx screen did not seem to be responding anymore so I downed the
server and after a long wait I did choose ctrl+alt+escape to down the

Think that was not a good Idea cause now the server stops during loading
of NLMS "WARNING: skipped stage 27/28/29/30 etc loading of nlms" and the
HDetect screen comes up with "An error occurred while opening the
response file".

How can I complete the upgrade install? Startx doesn't work at this point
of the server startup.