after a successful test migration in my testserver environment, I wanted to
install the needed products of netware. After insert the prod cd and
selecting the products, the installation starts and hung up with the message
"Closing installation files" on the GUI. The logger screen say the

-tccheck: Tomcat found problems with security certificate
Please re-export sys:/Public/RootCert.der and then execute

-LDAP connectivity not found on ldap://localhost:636
Please load NLDAP and then manually execute command:
sys:/tomcat/4/bin/startup start

-If your server host certificates have change recently, executing
sys:/system/tckeygen.ncf may be needed to restore secure LDAP connectivity.

I tought I've done alle these steps but after a restart Apache screen says:
LDAP initialization failed

Can somebody help with any suggestions? Thanks for the answers.