I posted a problem I had after installing Nw OES sp2 in my current tree, on
May 20th and I didn't had any solution. The problem is that after the
installation, when I try do access the HTTPS pages (i.e. Remote Manager), I
get this error (with Firefox) "Error establishing an encrypted connection
to 10.x.x.x. Error code: -8052."

I reinstalled a new server and I still have this error. I really do not
know where it comes from (do I have an unknown problem in my Tree, ...) but
I was able to dig a little more and it is a strange one.

I use Ethereal to trace what is happening and this is what I see in the
trace log:
Protocol SSLv3 Alert (Level: Fatal, Description: Bad Certificate)

I think the standard behavior of a web browser is to refuse connection with
Alert errors with SSLv3, wich would explain my problem. But the strange
thing is that with IE on a Windows server 2003, I can access the https
pages no problem. I installed Firefox on the same Win2k3 server and it has
the error. With the GUI (startx) on a Nw65/OES server, I can also access
it. The problem is with Firefox and IE on WinXP and Windows 2000.

I really have no idea what is happening and how to resolve it since it is
the 2nd time I install the server and it has the same error.

Anybody can help me with that.


Daniel L