I am looking to update our servers to OES 6.5 sp5 and noticed that when I
installed OES 6.5 on my test server (clean install) it asked for 4GIGs for
the SYS volume. One the servers I have now I have either 500mb or 1 gig of
SYS on them.

My question is if I do a upgrade of the servers will it change that SYS
volume without any problem, or would it be better for me to Mirror the old
drives to new larger drives making the NSS volumes larger on the newer drive
to ensure they have enough space? I think that makes sense, long day.

Any other gotcha's other than the patches I have noticed mentioned above? I
have to upgrade our servers as well as image most of the systems in our
district and also I am going to upgrade Zen from 4.01 to 7, but that is
another group:o)

Thanks for any input.