Yes I know I have a thread above but I looked into my other servers and
noticed that all of them have extra unused space on the drives that I can
use to expand the SYS Pool which will in turn expand the SYS Volume.

Now has anyone noticed any gotchas for upgrading from NW6 sp5 and NW6 sp1
to OES6.5 sp5? Just curious. All but one of my servers are on 6sp5 the other
is 6sp1, or does it not matter at that point since it will be updating all
the servers to the latest?

I just want to be really carefull and get all the input that I can from
people that have upgraded. We basically use our servers for user logins as
well as file and printer servers and that is about it. Nothing more or less.
I do use Zen and will be upgrading that as well to 7 but that is another

So any please let me know what you have found in your upgrade experinces
with OES6.5 I know it is more on a path to Linux but that seems to be the
way Novell is going and I want to be ready for it.

Thanks for any and all input.