We were upgrading the server from 6.5 SP4 to SP5. TFS volumes. It appears to go fine until the very end when we get the attached error. We've tried remarking out virtually everything after initsys.ncf and verifying java -exit and unload java worked. We just tried it for the 4th time and received the same error.

Now, when I type version, it says it's at SP5. However, the products.dat file isn't updated and when I compare certain files to a successfully updated server (no post-sp5's had been installed), they are slightly older versions so I'm thinking it didn't really finish.

I have tried setting Don't Compress on the 'ext' directory and the referred to .jar file, but the same error pops up when I try the SP5 install again. We aren't getting this error on any other servers because we chose the Nsure Audit Starter Pack/MYSQL choices on this one only. We don't need/use them so I'm wondering if we should remove them and see if it works. I downloaded the Uninstall procedure on how to remove Nsure Audit, but I don't want to remove the schema extensions or the Logging Services container because there is a site testing Novell Audit. I just want it removed from this specific server. Also, once I figure out how to do that, will it automatically remove MySQL? I looked for an uninstall doc (quickly) but didn't see one.

The server is crashing every night during the ARCserve backups since the attempted upgrade. We have seen this on other servers where we have upgraded them to SP5, but hadn't applied the post-sp5 server.exe to them. However, I'm not sure I should apply it since I'm not positive it's truly made it to SP5.

I know how to delete the old SPACK entry and add the new SP5 SPACK to the products.dat if that's causing some problem. I just didn't want to change that yet, hoping I could get this to run through to the end w/o the error.

I have already reviewed TID 10090621, which is the closest TID I've found to this error. We tried the java -exit when it was expanding plugins.zip, but we got the same error. I tried setting Don't Compress on the ext and jar file, although I didn't try it on the whole java dir.

Any ideas are welcome...

Thanks - April