(I posted to Nw.5x.Install-Upgrade, but upon reflection maybe should have
posted here instead ...)

Hello all. I'm trying to upgrade a Netware 5.0 server via the over-the-wire
migration wizard to a new Netware 6.5 SP5 server. Step 1 fails, which is
install NICI 1.5.7 on the source Netware 5.0 SP6 server. After going into
nwconfig, prod. options, and doing an 'Install Products not listed',
choosing the NICID157 directory, I get a prompt:

" This server has not been installed with a license. You must license your
server before you can use NICI. The license can be found on your License
Diskette provided with your server product. To license your server, copy
the file with extension ".nfk" from your License Diskette to file
"SYS:\SYSTEM\NICIFK." on this server. You must then re-start your server
before running this upgrade. Installation will be aborted. "

However, my boss does not have the .NFK file on the license disk that has
the .NLF file. I've tried to copy in a .NFK file from another license disk,
but that does not work. So, my question is, what can I do to get the NICI
installed so I can migrate to 6.5? Do I just re-license with the license
disk from another (already migrated) server? If so, can I do that from
nwconfig, LICENSE OPTIONS, by just copying to the server the .NLF and .NFK
files, then choosing LICENSE OPTIONS and install a new license? Do I need
to remove the current license?

Is there another way to do what I need to do?