I work for a Catholic School Board and we are currently running Netware
6.0 SP5 and Zenworks 4.01 ir7. We are planning on upgrading to Netware
6.5 this summer. Our Client computers are running Novell Client 3.4
for Windows 98Se and Novell Client 4.91 SP2 Patch B for Windows XP

There is also a Public School Board in our community. They just
recently upgraded a few of there servers to Netware 6.5 in their NDS

They were having issues throughout their entire school board with drive
mappings with Windows XP. They found out that the problem was that by
upgrading to Netware 6.5 on their servers in their NDS tree were
causing the drive mapping issues with Windows XP because of NMAS. What
they had to do was re-do all of their workstation images and not
install NMAS on their computers. After doing this Drive Mappings
worked good with Windows XP.

Our Catholic School Board is roughly about the same size as our Public
School Board counterpart. However they have a much larger staff than

We are concerned about upgrading our Netware 6.0 SP5 servers to Netware
6.5 because of the problems that the Public School Board encountered as
mentioned above. We don't have the man power to re-do all of our
workstations as we pretty much are a skeleton crew.

Has anyone seen the drive mapping issues for Windows XP (in relation to
NMAS) when upgrading to Netware 6.5? If so, is there a solution that
can be done without having to re-do all our workstation images?

Thanks and I appreciate the help!