I installed a new SCSI disk on my IBM server and ran the serverRAID utility
to create the logical drive. Boot up to NW 6.5 and on the console, I ran
nssmu > Device and it saw device 0*8=70GB, partition space=0KB and
unpartition space=0KB which is my new disk.

I have another Device 0*7 and all the space on this 0*7 device is used for
NSS partition / pool / volume and it is working. I just need to add more
space temporary. With the new 70GB disk, in nssmu > Device, do I need to do
<F3> to initialize the 0*8 device? Doing that only erase the 0*8 and
everything on my 0*7 should stay, right?

I just want to make sure I don't accidentally delete existing NSS volumes.

NW admin