I am planning to move over 1TB of data from NW 5.1 to NW 6.5 server and
don't think the data copy can be finished over the weekend. I am thinking
of using SCU to start copying all the volumes to the new server during
weekday when users are login. Once all the volumes are copied to the new
server, on Friday night, I will make sure no one login and then run SCU
and tell it to copy newer files so that only new or modified files will
be copied to the target server. Does anyone see any issue with that?

I do have the following questions:

1. At the initial SCU copy and if user have file open, would SCU just
skip the file such that the opened file will not be copied to the target
2. I guess SCU still needs to check each source file to see if that is
newer than the one on the target voume. Is the workstation that I run SCU
does the checking or it is a server process?
3. I guess the catch for the above is if the user deletes files from the
source server after SCU copies to the target server, that deleted files
will stay on the target server but I think we can deal with them then.

Any other suggestions to make this move faster/easier would be

NW Admin