I need to move over 1TG of files from one old NW 5.1 server new NW 6.5
server and don't think it will be done over the weekend. I am thinking of
running SCU during the weekend while users are on the network to take a
snapshoot of the files to the new server volume. Then on a Friday night,
run SCU again and choose "copy file if it is newer" to update the new
server's volume. Does anyone see issue with the above?

Also, I have a few questions about SCU.

Question 1:
I guess the second time I run SCU it still needs to check the attributes of
every source file and compares it to the target file and it is newer, it
will copy the new file to the target volume. Is it is same (in my case) it
would skip to check the next file. I should save time if SCU does not need
to copy the file, right?

Question 2:
What would happen when SCU encounter open file at the initial run, would it
skip the file or take a copy of the open file and copy it to the target server?

Question 3:
Regarding the workstation I use to run SCU, does it have any effect of how
long it would take to do the imigration? I saw it loaded the agent on the
source and target servers so I assume the workstation is just getting the
result of the migration, right?

Question 4:
If the user deleted a file on the source volume after I ran the 1st SCU, it
would stay on the target server, right? I think I can live with that.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

NW admin