A few posts back I had a problem with the ml310 G2 getting the embedded SATA
raid to work with 6.5

Well I've run into the same problem with the ML310 G3 model with the
embedded SATA raid controller,
HP's website has instruction on how to install the AARICH.HAM driver to make
mirroring on the SATA raid controller work
http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/fi...oad/22352.html , but
the catch is the driver won't load and even though the instructions and
driver for the ml310 G3 are on HP's website, and they have told me to go fly
a kite, their not interested in fixing the driver and have no plans to
support what they are peddling on their website.

Just an FYI for anyone considering using the ML310 SATA server from HP.