Netware 6.5 Sp4a

I have 2 nearly identical servers. One primary for storage of video. I
got complaints late thursday that accessing files on the server was
horrendously slow. I looked at the volumes and there was little free
space and it was mostly purgable. We cleaned up the volumes, purged all
the space, and rebooted the server. It's still slower than molasses. I
had thought perhaps there was something going on with those clients and
I reloaded the netware clients on those XP boxes until I saw backups
just now.

I have backups running right now. Backup exec 10 for windows with
remote agent on netware. They typically run at the same speed on both
servers. Right now after 21 hours (LTO-2), server 1 is at 1.6TB, server
2 is at 175GB. About 1/10th it's speed.

I have not changed anything on this server in months. I have looked at
the switch it's plugged into for errors, and I am not seeing anything in
the logs there indicating a cable issue. I've rebooted it more than
once. There's at least 500GB free on the volume in question and none of
it is purgable.

I thought perhaps I blew a drive in the raid and it was rebuilding, but
the raid reports it's optimal and all drives are working.

I've got a lot more to dig into yet but if anyone wants to toss any
ideas out while I'm still working on the issue, I'd appreciate it.

This is a pure file server only, no other services running on it. It's
got a 3TB serial ATA raid attached to a scsi controller. (Storcase,
presents itself as one big drive to the scsi). Same hardware as in use
on the other server which is file/print/dns/dhcp and that server is
flying. Network interface is gigabit. HP DL360G4 hardware 4GB ram.

I'm thinking about doing the SP5 upgrade to it but I'd rather not when
my backups are now over a week old and there was a LOT of data changed
this week. (Video rendering/animation etc, stuff changes constantly)