I am installing a new copy of SBS (6.5.3 NetWare) with GroupWise and
Virtual Office, but I am reluctant to install BorderManager for
performance reasons (along with the configuration difficulties). I am
looking to have all the VO/GW services available both internally and
externally. My question is how secure is Netware sitting directly on the
Internet without something like BorderManager installed? It would
certainly be better (from a security perspective) to run behind a router
(with the appropriate port mapping for access)... But having a private IP
address seems to cause headaches with certificates and sending mail (once
I get mail running) due to the sending IP address being "wrong".

It does seem the cleanest method (from an access perspective) would be to
assign the server a public IP address, but I am very concerned about
security. Another question: Assuming I go with a public IP, how do I
prevent external users from logging into the server itself rather than
just using the VO/GW services?

Thanks for any help,


P.S. If it matters, I have a multi-segment lan (5 internal sub-nets) and
the server is acting as a router for the very small amount of traffic
which needs to be routed between segments.