I used SCU to copy files from NW 6.5 to NW 6.5 server and found out some
files that I purposed opened are copied to the destination and there is no
error in the LOG file. However, some files generated error message as below:

'NWSMTS error: Data set is currently in use and cannot be accessed.'
'fffdfff5' Function: 'NWSMTSOpenDataSetForBackup'
Migerror.log message: 0xfffdfff5 NWSMTSOpenDataSetForBackup SERVERA

- If you see the following message: "NWSMTS error: Data set is currently in
use and cannot be accessed.", it is because an application or user has a
file open on the source server. If you need to copy these files, go to the
server to determine who has them locked and unlock them or copy these files

It looks like certain open files are able to be copied over and the others

Also, when I re-run SCU (since there is file open at the initial copy),
does the agent checks every file to determine if it needs to be copied to
the target server again? What criteria does the agent use to check the
file? I got a lot of "Archived dates differ between files" and wondering if
those files will be copied over again?