I plan on upgrading a server from 5.1 sp8 to 6.5 sp5. I have already
done this for one of our servers and did not have any problems but that
server was just a file server.

This server is our Groupwise domain, POA, webaccess, MTA and print server!!

the print server i am not worried about because we have gone to ip
printing so i am going to kill the ndps

a few questions ....

1) i am going to kill webaccess first because i want webaccess to use
apache instead of the netscape web server

2) the volumes are traditional .. is converting them to nss at the time
of the upgrade pretty easy? i do have enough room to convert but i am
nervous at losing any data ( i will have multiple backups)

3) this is also a dns/dhcp server .. any problems there?

4) any input would be great!