Updated our SRV2_VOL1 from a traditional volume to NSS on our NW6.5 server
using VCU. All went well so I tried it on our SYS volume with the /m
switch, in the process our SYS volume was renamed to SYS_OLD but something
went wrong and there is no other SYS volumes (new of otherwise). The
server partially boots now but hangs and I cant access it with NRM,
consoleone or imanager. I'm thinking we can get it running if I can get
SYS_old named back to SYS. I can run nwconfig but it will not allow me to
rename it with out NRM. nssmu.nlm allows me to see sys_old in the
traditionl partition but again I cant rename it from there. I can see our
new NSS partitions but only one of them has a volume in it (srv2_vol1).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.