On upgradeing a Dell PE 4400 with 1Ghz p3 2gb Ram and a 100gb Raid 5 on
Perc 3/di

The server hangs on loading the Stage 1 Nlms

I manually inst the post sp5 server.exe thinking this may be a cause. and
it still hangs here

The only TID's I've found with anything remotely similar points to drivers
loading in a less then desired sequence which isn't the case as all the
drivers load.

The TID also made mention of possibly needing to delete all the servcfg.*
files claiming that the server is not actually hung but is searching for
new devices.

Anyone else see or can verify the issue

I upgraded to SP5 as the server is used for a local FTP host, the users
have reported various issues that I was hoping would be fixed in the
NWFTP12 patch.