I am plnning to use the migration wizard to transfer data from a NW6.0
compressed volume to an uncompressed 406 Gb volume. Im trying to figure
out how much total volume the files will take up uncompressed.

However, I'm confused about the data I am looking at. In NWAdmin
volume object statistics, I see:

Total: 198 Gig total
Uncompressed Size: 196 G
Compressed size: 37 G
Average compression: 18%

Is this telling me that 37 Gigabytes of this volume actually
represents 196 Gb of files? So my total space needed is (198 total-37
compressed size+ 196 uncompressed =) 357 Gigabytes?

I find it hard to believe that Netware can do that much better at
compression on the fly than high tape drive mfgs can do when archiving.

I must be reading this data wrong.