First off our setup is way behind the times due to personnel changes and
fears with upgrading.

I have 2 Novell servers running Netware 6.0 SP2 which I need to get up to
the latest and greatest 6.5 version. Most clients are running 4.83 with
the exception of a couple running 4.91. Groupwise 6.0 is also running on
one of these servers as well and we are looking to jump that up to 7.0
after the servers are upgraded.

After browsing through several documents it seems to me like a never
ending supply of prerequisite upgrades need to be done first:

Recommendations I found were to upgrade eDirectory to 8.7.3 IR3 Overlay CD
first prior to a 6.5 upgrade. Well that requires minimum of SP3 which I
can no longer find so I'd have to do SP4 or SP5 first. I also read
something about upgrading my version of NICI as well. Is there anything
specific anyone call show me as to what all I need to upgrade and in what
order as it seems every step has another requirement to be met?