Good day.

I recently purchased some extra licenses for our 6.5 system, but when I
installed them, it was identified as an Unlimited Server license, and not a
user license. Panicked and confused by this apparent incorrect file, I call
the fine people at Novell and they informed me that licensing was being
handled differently now, that everything was unlimited and I would be
responsible for keeping our organization in compliance by purchasing more
certificates when needed.

So far, so good, installed the file.

Now that I am adding the users [migrating from an older 4.11 server], I have
finally exceeded the original 275 users that I had configured. The problem
is, I'm getting 8901 and 0057 errors when the user tries to log in. These
users were added yesterday afternoon and we able to login just fine. Today
they can't log in at all. They show up as authenticated, but are not getting
their licensed connection. My migration has halted until I fix this. And,
thankfully, it has only affected a few users.

The support document I found [that seems to be relevant to my situation]
talks about removing evaluation licenses that may have been on our system,
but we had no such licenses installed. I'm wondering if I should delete
*all* the licenses and then install only the new file I recently received
from Novell. I thought I'd ask around here before diving into that scenario
and possibly causing myself more grief.

Any suggestions are certainly appreciated.