Originally we had 75 users license for NetWare 6, two weeks ago I
purchased an additional 10 users license. I downloaded the new license
file and installed it through NWADMIN. Installation went smoothly, but
no one above original 75 users could login. I removed my original
licenses and just installed the new license, but still no one could login
as if the server didn't have any licenses. I put the original 75 users
back on the server to keep my network going. However, my server can't
seem to issue any licenses above 75. I called the support people at
Novell and one fine gentleman told me about the new unlimited licensing
model without hard stop as it used to be the original licensing model.
He told me that we need keep our selves legal by purchasing the correct
number of licenses required for our needs.

I am kind of hard locked at 75 users and the additional 10 licenses which
show up as “Novell Netware 6.5+Server” in NWADMIN are not kicking in.
The description of the license is “NetWare 6.5 & Prior 1-user license”.
I did install the license in the top most container, which contains
original licenses and server objects, right below the root.

My tree looks as follow:
company Name (contains licenses and server objects)
staff (contains all user accounts)

Any advise would be highly appreciated.