Just looking for any input that may help.

Existing system:
Main Server: NW 5.1 (Files, GroupWise, Login)
2nd Server: NW 4.11 (WebAccess, FTP, DHCP)
3rd Server: NW 4.11 (Tape Backup)
All three are very old (one's a Pentium Pro 200 MHz)

New System:
Main Server: (Files, DHCP, Tape Backup, Login)
2nd Server (GroupWise, FTP, WebAccess, Symantec AV, Web Server)
Both new servers are HP Proliant ML350G4p with 2 GB of RAM, (3) 146 GB SCSI
Drives in Raid 5.
The one server adds an HP 960 LTO3 tape drive.

Does the division of programs make sense?
I am not migrating the system. I am taking the old system as is and setting
it aside with a workstation to access old email and tape backups.

Old system:
Tree name = ABC
Organization = ABC
everything under organization

New system:
Tree name = abc_tree
Organization = abc
Organizational unit = abc_location

Is it going to be possible to have both systems connected to the same
infrastructure for internet access, etc? I can have the same O in different
trees right?
I also read somewhere that my naming should be lowercase so in the future it
would "play' nicely with Linux if we went there down the road.
Small network (30 or so users), is there any reason to create additional
OU's under the location one for "containers" (users, volumes, printers)?
Someone suggested using on for my GroupWise objects.
I'm creating the location one to address the possibility of having an
additional site or sister company later.

Any and all comments are welcome. I am getting ready to roll this out soon
and just wanted to get some feedback.

Thanks in advance.