I successfully completed all but the last step of the migration
wizard. The newserver had taken over the identity of the old server.
I followed directions and restarted my workstation and shut down the old
server. That's when it all went to heck.

I can log in, but when I open the project, I am prompted to log into
the pre-migration tree, which of course, doesn't exist anymore. So, I
can't open the Project and complete the migration.

At the same time, the old server now refuses to boot, so even if I
wanted to, I can't roll anything back.

Luckily, the DS is OK on the destination server, but all the rights
to all the files and folders are completely gone. (Even on the two other

I know the migration wizard backed up all that stuff, but I can't
find where that is or how to restore it.

So, I guess I am left with rebuilding all the group rights and IRF's
manually. <sigh>