We're in the process of upgrading all of our Netware 5.1 SP6 boxes to 6.5 SP3 / OES SP1. We've done about 20 servers so far, and have never encountered the issue that I encountered last Friday.

Our process is as follows:

Comment out all non-essential software (backup, groupwise, ndps etc) for system boot
Take the server down for an image
Bring server up, copy btrieve 7.9 to the server (issues relating to upgrade and btrieve 8.5) - reset server
Mount upgrade CD, STARTX, install and select products.ni in the GUI.

At this point, I kept getting stuck. Upon loading "STARTX" the first few times, the GUI wouldnt finish initalizing - it appeared hung. I reset the server and tried again. Upon doing so again, I got the taskbar and the install window to display but the "browse" dialog hung with high CPU utilization according to monitor. I reset the server again and did some reading. Someone suggested that the serial port might be causing it (For whatever reason) so I disconnected our serially connected UPS. StartX caused GUI to load fine and I was able to start the file copy.

The file copy was extremely slow, and went until 53% (3% after the CD swap) and the copy hung. At this point, it was hooped...upon rebooting it wanted to start converting then environment, so I destroyed the DOS and SYS partitions /volumes and restored them from the image...

After the restore - the same thing occured, startx would initalize, but hang at random spots.

We aborted the upgrade, restored our original image and brought all our software back up. Does anyone have ANY idea for helping to work past this?


Preston Gallwas