I am attempting to install NW 6.5 SP3 on a machine that had 6.0SP5e
successfully installed and running fine. When the 6.5 CD starts the machine
immediately ABENDS and goes into a loop which when paused gives the

"Abend on P00: GPPE (Error code 00000000)
OS Version: Novell Netware 5.70 August 18, 2003

....Debug symbols are enabled!
Running process: Interrupt service routine (nested count 2)
Interrupted process: Initialization process
Stack:B4 88 33 00 DD 01 00 00 3C AE 09 00 44 AE 09 00
00 E0 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 30 AF 09 00 2D 8B 10 00 51 AC 32 00 "

"Additional information:
The hardware detected a problem while executing an interrupt service
routine.The code being executed is owned by LOADER.EXE. It may be the
source of the problem or there may have been a memory corruption."

This is a new Systemax server with the following hardware:

2 Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz 800FSB 2 M Processors
3 Seagate 250GB SATA NCQ HDDs
MegaRAID SATA 150-4 RAID Storage adapter
4GB DDR2 Registeed ECC (1GB X 4)

This machine loaded NW 6.0 from CD with no problems and had SP5e installed.

This NW 6.5 CD was just successfully loaded on a IBM eServer 220 as an
upgrade using the 6.0 ConsoleOne install with no problem so file corruption
does not seem to be the issue. It seems that the 6.5 install starts, and
fails immediately with the above message stuck in a loop which hitting the
keyboard pause key will sometimes halt. The machine requires full reset or
cold boot to bring out of the loop.

We successfully installed 6.0 and NW6SP5e on the offending machine, and
used ConsoleOne to do the upgrade which seemed successful, but as soon as
6.5 started to load, the ABEND ocurred again. I downloaded the latest
SERVER.EXE from Novell, and replaced the one in the failing machine but the
problem persists.

Any ideas? Tom Wheeler